Saturday, May 2, 2009


Basha Track of 2009 is over :( But, it was a blast! we won our city meet against a bunch of schools in chandler! it was amazing! I did Longjump and got first place with 14 feet 9 inches, and i got third in triple jump with 28 feet 3 inchs :) it was a blast! i love track!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

So here's a little update on whats been going on

BASHA TRACK 2009!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm in track again, and i love it! i haven't been in a meet yet because i hurt my ankle, but, i will next week. we have the best track team, maybe not the best in our events, but we have the best people. we are like family. all 150 of us. we all love each other so much. we might not beat Chandler or Hamilton, but at least we're having fun!!

On the last day of school before break, we had to preform this song we made up for math. we were given a term that we've studied this year, and we were given a decade, ours was the 70s, and we had to pick a song from the decade and change the lyrics to make it teach that math term. then we had to preform it in front of the freshmen class. it was a blast. here's my group. "DISCO DANGER!" We sang it to Kungfu Fighting

As some of you may know, I'm in Students Government at my school. Every year we go to Chandler Center of the Arts for a HUGE convention for all the elementary and Jr.high schools in our district, and all the high schools are in charge of it and we plan a bunch of stuff for it, and its basically a war of school spirit. all the schools dress up to the theme and they make up chants and a bunch of stuff for it, and we give out awards to the most spirited schools and all the kids go CRAZY! its a blast.
this year the theme was "Leaders, WORK IT OUT" so there were a bunch of schools dressed up at 80s work out people and there were some oompa loompas, and there was a Dodge ball team, bumblebees, nerds. so here's some picture. it was the funnest experience in Stugo yet!!!
My Costume consists of- a white polo shirt, tie, ugly long jeans, dads white long socks, converse for shoes, ugly pink backpack, a Kick Me sign, and glasses and piggy tails of course
Kick me sign
how many people asked if i knew i had it there: 8
ow many people pointed and laughed: 32
how many elementary kids actually kicked me:14
How many Jr. high kids kicked me:15
w many high school students:21
how many bruises:too many to count. bad idea breea

This is Zion. Our President. He's amazing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Bestest Friend a Girl could Ask For.

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Michaela Tiffany McDowell. Beautiful. strong (physically [BUFF] and Mentally). fun. hilarious. trustworthy. helpful. loving. caring. honesty. humble. STINKIN AMAZING BASICALLY!!!! Mikie, is my long lost sister, no joke. we've been Friends for 4 years now and the coolest thing about that is, we've never EVER gotten into an argument, ever! that's pretty impressive to me, for a couple of teenage girls. ha! i think its because we're so awkwardly different, we complete each other, so theres no reason to fight!

i lover this girls with all my heart. she has NEVER let me down. she is the kind of girl that knows exactly what to say at the perfect time. either to comfort me, make fun of me, make me laugh, or help me out when in a bad situation. shes the best

Mikie and I, well, we're kinda weird. we came up with secret "Mexican" names. Lily and Lulu. we are the: "Jamaican Gangster" Adventure Buddies Partner in Crime Agents. that's our official name. we basically go on crazy adventures and talk in a Mexican accent the whole time.
like one time, we went to Walmart and we hid around the store and video taped us looking for each other, while talking in a Mexican accent. we got some weird looks. but it was a blast!!! we just do crazy stupid things to make us happy.
i love mikie so much. with out her, i truly don't know where i'd be. she is such a great example to me. she has the best advice and is always there for me.
Thanks Lily, love you girl!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dude, im slacking again!

man, I'm so sorry, i stink at blogging again. but i will truly try to do better! so here's what you've missed out on so far. mckennas birthday!!

Jesters for moms birthday! So, i guess i should write a little something about mother dear. well, i love her? and shes kinda cool sometimes? ok,l no really, i love her more than anything, and she super cool all the time, in fact, a bunch of my friends always say shes a "cool mom" but i never saw that until i embraced the embarrassment. so i like it now. thanks mom. i love her!! Happy Late Birthday!

To grandmothers house we go!!

we went up to the G-units house for a few day and fished in this cute little creek and Uncle Jason took us four wheeling, and we just did the grandma house deal!

and of course i had mom take a gazillion pictures of us at the Temple!

yes, those are snails.

We were suppose to be spelling GUTT but really, how do you shae a G with your body! i mean, come on!

so when i took this picture, i had to lay on this mossy rock with all these flowers around me, and i kinda forgot the fact that bees love flowers. so when i got up, i was diffidently being chases by 2 or 3 very angry ones. not fun, but its all worth it for the pictures!

i also went to many BHS football games!!!!

this is me, Lauren Johnson, and Josh terry. we're trying to touch our tongs to our noses, not successful

I have also had many countless hours with neighborhood friends.

I also went iceskatting with my very good friend, Mikie, and another friend, Nicole. we had a blast!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OK!!! I'M SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!! i haven't posted in forever. Ive been so busy with life, but I'm here now. so here's what I'm going to do. I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures of what has been going on in the past few months, so i will be caught up. if you have any question, please comment. :)

Ok, This is Mexico!! i had a blast with some of my best friends, and there families! This picture is of Me Abbie and Landon, and our BEAUTIFUL wall. we didn't feel like making the sand castle inside the wall. :)


Me mason tessa and shayna

me and Abbie Lamb! we had such a blast! i love this girl!

AW!! stray dogs!! aw! mines the cutest

This is our "b" it didn't work out as well as we wanted it to.

Now for school!! I'M IN HIGH SCHOOL!! I love it! i miss jr. high way to much! high school is hard, but way too fun!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE SEMINARY!!! its the best. i have the best class, the best kids, and the BEST teacher ever!! i love it so much! i even Love the mil walk to the trailer!

this is me and my buds crossing the Field to get to the gate to gt to the desert to Cross the fence to get to seminary!

in the desert. we LOVE it.
the pet snake landon found on the way to seminary.

By the way, i made Student Government!! Im the Spirit Commissioner!! i love it!! About a week ago was spirit week! it was called Salad Dressing Week!

Mon-Thousand Island Dressing (wear Hawaiian)

Tues- Blue Cheese (example)

Weds-Ranch (cowboy) i was dressed like a cowThursday- Caesar (togas) not too pretty
And Fri- was Home style. BHS great! it was so fun!!
I also made the Dive team!!!!!! i love it! it is such a blast!! My nxt meet is on Friday! home game! come!!! this picture is of me and mikie, when it rain liked crazy and we still dove!! then we went to water and ice!! it was so so so fun!!
Dive has also made me about 1000 times tanner! whooo!! yes I'm on the right, masons on the left!

We have the FUNNEST pep assembly's! (which i plan!!! whoo!)

i also got to see some old friends at the Football games!! like ALI!!

I also get to hang out with mikie and lauren everyday!

Ok, now for the YW/YM camp out!!!! this is from the end of the trip to the beginning. on the way home, we had 3 stinky boys in back. lucky us! we had a blast!!

Yes i won!!

Look at our good missionaries getting ready to serve!!

We got a little bored before dinner so we started to play this awesome game of, Jumping into people arms! that kept u busy for about 2 hours i think!

And we ha to take some funny pictures of course!

me and Mikie went exploring through the forest!

Haha! my fun boys! i love these kids! they are always good for a big laugh!

The feet of the shamrockians!

Me Mackenzie and mikie got SUPER BORED on the way there. we kept ourselves busy with sigh language, candy, and the camera

I got to attend a great Benefit Auction in which i modeled a pretty dress!

And mason found his dream car.

I also made some new GREAT friends!Mitch Whiting and Marshall Burt. i love these kids! they are super funny!

I also got to attend Lauren Johnsons Birthday party!! it was really fun!! happy 14th lauren!